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Coaching For Individuals

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It brings me great Joy when clients turn on their own light bulb. I simply point them to the switch.
Upon completing my undergraduate studies in Social Work, I knew that I wanted to Create Change at the community and organizational level. My graduate studies and career led me to such path.
Yet, making a connection at the individual level and witnessing others harness the resilience within has always been an inspiration. It is fulfilling to support those who at times feel stuck, anxious and even weary. 

With such, I sought to learn more about coaching knowing firsthand how supported I have felt (and continue to feel) when I received the time and guidance to discover the answers I needed to move forward.

Holistic Life Coaching Support

As we offer Life Coaching, our goal is to help our clients...
Challenge negative behaviors & thoughts
Embrace Self-love
Explore doubts and fears in a safe place
Harness their resilience
Live abundantly
Unfold their strengths, talents & gifts
Practice Self-care in the midst of anxieties and frustrations

Our Past Clients Are Talking

We have coached some of the best individuals
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"Thanks to [Anais] for making me believe once more.  I am one step closer to graduating finally."

-Recent college graduate

"Anais, I wanted to thank you for giving me hope to stay positive and to let you know [I got offered the job].  I AM SO EXCITED!!!

-Coaching client

"Thank you so much.  I am so happy for your support in helping me pass my Social Work License Exam."

-Coaching client

Let's Get Started

If You're wondering if having a Life Coach is right for You, my question to You is simply,

"When will it be right for You to fully Invest in Yourself?"

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