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Consulting For Organizations

Empowering teams by combining the power of Trauma-informed practice,
Strength-based Perspective and an Anti-Racist framework

Structural Equity Initiatives 

Supporting You in Building Equity from Within

Leadership & Professional Development

Strengthening your Mission

Strategic Planning,
Program Implementation,
Project Management

Furthering Your Vision 

Changing the Equity Narrative 

Establish policies and procedures, and implement new practices and programming.

  • Building Equity: Anti-Racism Train the Trainer

  • Race, Inclusion, Power & Privilege Workshops

  • Anti-Bullying in the Workplace: Let’s talk about it

  • From Trauma Informed to Trauma-Responsive

  • Policy & Procedures: Using an Anti-Oppressive Lens

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Leadership & Professional Development

Partner with me to create training tailored to empower your team.

  • Sustaining Morale: Employee Retreat

  • Staff On-boarding Plans

  • Nurturing The Leader Within

  • Trauma-Responsive Supervision using a Building/Coaching Model

  • Leading Through Workplace Distractions

  • Release, Reset, Reconnect: Self-Care Within the Workplace

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Strategic Planning, 
Program Implementation,
Project Management

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Ensure a cohesive and supportive organizational culture.

  • Mission & Vision Development

  • Organizational Assets Improvement

  • From Policy to Practice: Curriculum Development & Program Evaluation

  • Project Management-From start to finish

Our Past Clients Are Talking

We have worked with and supported some of the best organizations

"[Anais] did a great job weaving in different perspectives and being reflexive in response to concerns that were raised.”

-Anti-Racism Workshop participant

“[Anais] models methods of grace and conflict resolution for the group.”

-Anti-Racism Workshop participant

Let's Get Started

Whether you are looking to improve your existing practice(s) or implement a new program, have more productive and action-oriented meetings, celebrate your staff with a team building event, or a motivational guest speaker to empower your audience, We can be of support.

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