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A.B.M Structured Solutions, LLC

As a licensed social worker, Anaïs Bailly, has served within the child welfare system of New York City for close to 10 years and counting. With a determined commitment to the non-profit service industry, she values professionalism and solution-focused practice with a family-centered approach to ensure transformative and empowering outcomes.


Serving as a facilitator and trainer, Anaïs supports organizations as a consultant in developing and implementing programs and initiatives to foster a more inclusive and diverse culture.


Anaïs has aided various groups, including and not limited to non-profit community-based organizations, college/university faculty and staff, and corporations restructure their service delivery through policies and procedures that ensure best practice.


She is passionate about facilitating group discussions and training around shared power, diversity and inclusion and helping teams support internal professional development.


Anaïs is also a published writer, life coach and guest speaker.

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